How to invest

Through any of the registered brokers in either one of the seven markets, the investor can access the complete offer of equities that can be traded through SEE Link.

This alternative allows the investors to participate in different operations in the three participating markets easily and efficiently without opening an account in each country.
rading in these three markets is possible by order routing through one single SEE link broker member.

Please, see our SEE Link broker members list for Bulgaria, Croatia , Macedonia, Serbia , Slovenia  and Bosnia and Herzegovina ( BLSE and SASE)

SEE Link has published SEE Link Country Specifics outlining SEE Link markets specifics in terms of post-trading, corporate events, taxation and other related issues.

The documents cover: Bulgaria, BIH(Republic of Srpska and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina),Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia.

Country specifics:
  Bulgaria     BIH,
Republic of Srpska
    BIH, Federation of Bosnia
and Herzegovina
  Greece     Macedonia     Serbia     Slovenia